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White Glove RMLO

White Glove RMLO Services

Pixel Mortgage is a licensed residential mortgage loan originator (RMLO). We offer origination services to investors and home sellers who desire to offer mortgages to their buyers.

Pixel offers professional, turn-key, white-glove loan origination. Investors who trust us to handle their origination will be impressed by the ease, simplicity, and thoroughness of our origination services.

Premium RMLO Services include:


Pixel Mortgage will originate a TRID-compliant loan.

Licensed Loan Officer​

Every borrower will be advised by a licensed loan officer. The loan officer will consult with the borrower to make sure the borrower understands the loan terms and is well-equipped to pay the loan.


Pixel Mortgage will underwrite the loan to ensure the borrower has the ability to repay (ATR) which is a critical component of a TRID-compliant loan. Beyond determining ability to repay, Pixel will underwrite to investor guidelines. The investor will be given a thorough underwriting report prior to loan acceptance to ensure the loan will fit investor criteria prior to funding.

Title Coordination

Pixel will coordinate closing with title. We will order and review a tax certificate, HOA certificate, title commitment, and survey. We will balance the closing disclosure with title and review signed documents on closing day.


Pixel Mortgage will order and review a standard, 3rd-party appraisal.


Pixel Mortgage will work with the borrower to order and review hazard and flood insurance according to investor requirements.

Servicing Setup

Pixel Mortgage will setup 3rd party servicing with any licensed mortgage servicer, according to the investor's specifications. This includes initial escrow setup.

Legal Review

Pixel will coordinate with our attorney to review legal documents (note, deed of trust, riders, etc.). Or, Pixel will coordinate with your attorney to do the same.

Post-Closing Processes

Pixel will work with investor instructions to record deed transfers, scan and review documents, check insurance payments, and a variety of other tasks to help ensure the loan starts life out right.

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Pixel Mortgage

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